Mommy Fitness

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Kate Hudson’s Affordable Workout Gear

It’s enough of a challenge for busy moms to find the motivation to work … [Read More...]

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Hula-Hooping Is a Hot Workout Trend

There is a seemingly endless amount of workouts out there and from Pilates … [Read More...]

Healthy Eating Tips

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Love It as a Sandwich? Eat It as a Salad

I seem to have a long list of foods that are the only thing I can think … [Read More...]


They Won’t Try What You Won’t Try

It is certainly your job as a parent to make sure your children develop … [Read More...]

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Don’t Use Food in the Car as a Tool

As busy as we all are and as much time as we spend in our cars driving to … [Read More...]

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Is Bribery Bad at Mealtime?

We’ve all been in a situation at the dinner table with our little ones … [Read More...]

Mommy Nutrition

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You’re Not Your Kids’ Garbage Disposal

Have you ever taken the kids out for fast food and eaten your own meal, only to then finish whatever is left of your kids' meals as well? Sometimes, in fact, when we're really rushed or strapped for cash, we'll even forgo ordering our own food, opting instead to create a lunch for ourselves out of … [Read More...]

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Your Kids Can Eat Their Water This Summer

It is so important to keep our kids hydrated in the summer sun and heat, we all know that, but we also know how difficult it can be to get them to slow down and drink anything to keep them quenched while they’re running around playing at a picnic or the beach. And it seems that whenever a child … [Read More...]

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Feeding Busy Kids During Summer Sports Seasons

Raise your hand if you’re a sport mom who spent a huge amount of time this week running around to and from practices, games and matches. Isn’t it hilarious that we actually look forward to summer so the crazy school schedule will end, only to have it replaced by the insanity of the summer sports … [Read More...]

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Baby Formula Is Nutritionally Sound

At this point if you say you didn’t know that breastfeeding is the most natural and preferred method for feeding your baby you’re pretty much either lying or living deeply in denial. The problem, though, with constantly hearing how amazing and beneficial breastfeeding is, is that there are a … [Read More...]

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Healthier Cookies for the Whole Family

When it comes to snacks and sweet treats we sometimes go from one extreme to the other. We’re either feeling lenient and we stock the house with ice cream or go on a baking bender resulting in brownies and cookies, or we crack the proverbial whip and outlaw fattening sweets, filling the kitchen … [Read More...]

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