Mommy Fitness

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Flying High With the Aerial Fitness Trend

Have you ever gone to a show with aerial acrobatics such as Cirque du … [Read More...]


Get the Family Geared up With Bikes for Spring

After the winter we’ve had this year, shame on all of us if we don’t … [Read More...]

Healthy Eating Tips

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Choose Some Produce to Plant This Spring

Spring is upon us, and although it never seemed like it would get here at … [Read More...]

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Treats ARE a Part of a Healthy Diet

Nobody can be perfect all the time. That’s one of the first rules we must … [Read More...]

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It’s as Simple as Smaller Plates

We hear a lot about portion control being one of the keys to success in a … [Read More...]

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Brush Your Teeth to Curb Your Appetite

Fixing healthy meals with ingredients that are low in fat and calories is … [Read More...]

Mommy Nutrition

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Make Sure Your Kids Get Plenty of Calories at Breakfast

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a morning person and at my age that isn’t a fact that is likely to change anytime soon. I remember when I was a kid I would stumble out of bed each morning and struggle to get ready for school before my mother and I would engage in a daily battle where she … [Read More...]

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The Best Foods to Buy Organic

No one really argues the fact that organic foods are usually a healthy and nutritious way to go, but some people do question how much better organic foods are for the hefty price tags they can carry. If you want to buy all organic food to feed your entire family weekly, you’d better have deep … [Read More...]


Learning Disabilities do Not Define the Child

  There are so many things we blame ourselves for when we discover our child has a learning disability. Was it something I did? Or, was there something I should have done? For so many of us the symptoms are so slow in emerging that we don’t realize there is a problem. Billy was born … [Read More...]

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How to Know if Your Baby Has a Food Allergy

After months of breastmilk and formula, it’s an incredibly exciting day when you are finally able to feed your baby solid foods. But just as you’re about to venture into the world of “I wonder what he’ll like?” it hits you - what if he is allergic to something? Food allergies are a huge … [Read More...]

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Pediasure Helps Kids Fill in Those Nutrition Holes

No matter how hard we try to make sure our kids get plenty of proper nutrition each and every day, we’re only human and those little people can sure be picky buggers sometimes. Plus, we can’t always be with our kids 24 hours a day to make sure they’re finishing off that well-balanced healthy … [Read More...]

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