Stretch Muscles to Keep Them Healthy

The human body is capable of amazing feats. Under the stressor of panic, mothers have been known to pick up extremely heavy things to protect their children. We have all heard the stories, but what the stories do not tell is what happened later: pain and swelling from strained muscles. Hopefully none of us will have to move the car by hand, but to avoid the strained muscles, stretching before exertion is a good idea.

For lower body stretching, a simple exercise is a lunge. To do this exercise, put one foot about eighteen inches in front of the other, hands on hips. Keeping the shoulders and hips aligned and the feet flat on the floor, slowly bend the forward knee as far as possible stopping if there is pain. Then straighten the knee back to vertical. Swivel the hips and shoulders so that the other foot is forward and repeat the lunge with the other knee. Do this ten times with each knee. At the end of the repetitions the legs will be warmed up and ready for more exercise.





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