Eat Good Carbs to Lose Weight

I know you’re anxious to lose that baby weight. And I know you’ll do just about anything to lose it. But, when starting a diet in order to rid yourself of those pounds, please consider your health and the health. After you’ve given birth and your body has gone through all of the changes of pregnancy is not the time to shock your system with something like a no-carb diet.

Diets that eliminate carbs have been popular for a long time and there’s no doubt that they work magically in the short term. But, eating no carbs at all can damage your system in ways you’re not thinking about when you’re thrilled at your results. A far better option, especially with a new baby, is to eat GOOD carbs, as opposed to NO carbs.

If you stick to a diet that includes the complex carbs found in whole grains, fruits and many veggies you’ll still lose weight but you won’t be depleting your body of important nutrients. Avoid sugar, fine, and white flour. But whole grains are good for you and will help you stay healthy and balanced while losing the baby weight.

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  1. This is great for all new moms to read!

  2. I think I eat far too many carbs right now. I should just stick to the good carbs

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