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Getting and staying fit is a challenge for many busy moms, but with a little help keeping those New Year’s resolutions will be a cinch. If you’re like most parents, fitting exercise into an already full day isn’t always easy buy it can be done. It can even be enjoyable!

Health and fitness apps are plentiful, and there’s a free app for everyone, including busy moms. Most fitness apps, which can be downloaded to your iPhone or smartphone, offer enough challenge to help you meet your fitness goals, no matter how tight your schedule.

There’s an App for That

One popular app is MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker keeps track of calorie intake and exercise on a daily basis. Noom Weight Loss Coach is another innovative app that allows busy moms to keep track of their diet and exercise routines, and reach their fitness goals efficiently.

Circuit Training Workout at Home

Did you ever consider the possibility of circuit training at home? You can do it using your own body weight and utilizing furniture and items you have in the house to customize a workout that fits into your schedule. Circuit training is a perfect way to incorporate a powerful and effective workout at home in a limited amount of time.

Stroller Skating!

You had to know there was something great about winter, right? Ice rinks across the U.S. are offering moms (and dads) a fun new routine that involves a jogging stroller, ice skates, a helmet and a child. Skate on the rink while pushing the stroller. In summer, switch your ice skates for roller blades and hit the park.

Working out at Work

Try some deskercises, take a brisk walk, run up and down the stairs – or mix it up from one day to the next. Bring a light, healthy lunch and spend your lunch hour raising your cardio.

Do you have any fitness tricks you’ve successfully worked into your busy day? Tell us about them!

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  1. I also use this great app called Lose it. It’s wonderful and helps me track all my calories and exercise!

  2. stroller skating is my fav

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