The Many Benefits of Fresh Herbs

images (9)You hear a lot from nutrition experts these days about the health benefits of eating as many green vegetables as possible. You may not realize this but it’s not only the veggies that can improve your health, but herbs as well. Fresh green herbs aren’t only great for you they are packed with flavor and add tons of taste to nearly any meal. Some of the most common herbs used in cooking every day are beneficial in ways you might not even realize.


Rosemary is actually good brain food, having been found in studies to help with the speed and accuracy of a person’s cognitive performance. Parsley may seem like a decoration that sits on top of dishes just to add a splash of color, but the truth is mixing some parsley into your salad or soup may just help you fight against getting breast cancer. Parsley contains apigenin, which has been proven in studies to slow the growth of tumors in certain types of breast cancer. Irritable bowel syndrome and other colon problems can be relieved by eating fresh peppermint and oregano helps fight inflammation and swelling in skin conditions. Finally, thyme and sage are considered “superherbs” that contain as many antioxidants as superfoods such as salmon and spinach. Fresh herbs are much more than just a last minute garnish; they can greatly boost the health benefits in a healthy meal.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    I have my own garden in the back yard! And so appropriate that I grow rosemary in it :)

  2. note to self: buy sage and thyme

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