Should We Reverse Our Mealtime Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle?

images (4)There’s a saying that a person should eat like a king in the morning, a prince in the afternoon and a pauper at night. This means that in order to stay fit, you should eat your largest meal of the day at breakfast, eat fewer calories at lunch and even fewer calories at dinner. While this type of inverted pyramid meal planning is still practiced by people in many parts of the world, it is not the norm in the U.S.

There was a time when Americans rose early to tend farms and tend to other physically and mentally demanding work, and those early Americans also understood the wisdom of loading up on calories in the morning and midday, and eating light at night. For people who went to bed at sunset, a large meal could interfere with sleep and throw off the body’s natural metabolism that told it to fuel up in the morning and early afternoon, and slow down in the evening.

Modern Americans rush out of the door with little or no breakfast each morning, and lunch is usually something that can be grabbed and eaten on the fly. We save out primary meal of the day for evening, and then we pack those calories into bed with us at at time when our metabolism is at its slowest, ready to call it a night. All those dinner calories are quickly relegated to fat stores, and we rise the next morning and repeat the same horrendous meal pattern.

If we’re doing it right, we should be our hungriest in the morning after hours of not eating, and we should eat our largest meal to “break our fast.” Breakfast gets our metabolism going and is burned off more easily early in the day when we’re active. Remember,  our metabolisms are at their highest in the morning. When we go home after a long day at work and rest for the evening, we’re relatively inactive; our metabolisms begin to slow way down in preparation for the body to sleep. This is not the time to pile on calories, and yet most people still make dinner the largest meal of the day, adding a snack on top of it before bedtime. Try to reverse these eating times and consume your largest amount of calories in the morning building to a very light dinner. You’ll soon find it to be a naturally healthy way of eating.

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    ugh we should move out of the country if we really wanna be healthy!

  2. cute every meal size in half

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