FIT4MOM Uses Babies in Strollers to Help Moms Get Fit

download (5)There are plenty of mommies out there who have learned to incorporate their little bundle of joy into their workout in order to get in some exercise time with baby in tow and give mom a more flexible workout schedule. Many mommies practice their yoga with baby lying or playing next to them on a blanket, and some actually incorporate baby into their yoga workout, enjoying their baby’s happy giggles as mommy lifts them up and down.

A group called Stroller Strides has found a way to take mommy and baby exercise to the next level by developing workouts for entire groups of mommies that incorprate babies in strollers.

Since 2001, Stroller Strides founder Lisa Druxman and her team have created workouts for women as part of a program called FIT4MOM. This comprehensive program has classes for moms that includes their little ones ranging in age from prenatal to toddler; with 1,300 locations throughout the country, FIT4MOM provides moms with a group to work out with and a support system of like-minded moms looking to stay fit (and stay sane).

FIT4MOM aims to get moms as healthy as possible, and also works to help moms to be as happy as possible. Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre are classes that use power walking and toning as well as Pilates and Yoga techniques with the strollers. It’s a fantastic way for mommies and babies to get out and make some new friends!

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  1. omg i want in!!!!!!

  2. Kristina Rivera says:

    Haha, awesome!

  3. stroller barre, eh? sounds pretty cool and interesting.

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