3 Substitutions That Will Help You Save Calories While Increasing Your Nutrition

Sometimes small substitutions can make a whole world of difference when it comes to reducing your caloric intake and increasing your nutritional intake. Having adequate nutrition will help your body to function most efficiently, so you may burn calories faster and have more energy. The following substitutions are relatively simple and painless, you will not have to give up any favorite foods or dramatically alter your recipes to make these happen.

Spinach Instead of Iceberg Lettuce

spinach instead of lettuce

Spinach and iceberg lettuce are pretty comparable in terms of calorie count, but spinach blows iceberg out of the water when it comes to nutrition. Spinach has about 7 calories per serving, iceberg 10. Spinach will give you a healthy dose of vitamin A however, weighing in with a whopping 56 percent of your daily value compared to iceberg’s 7 percent. Spinach also has just a little more iron, calcium, and vitamin C.

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