Add These Spices to Your Foods for Major Flavor without the Added Junk

When trying to eat healthier, many fall into the trap of sticking to bland foods because they are avoiding butter, salt, and other fatty or unhealthy seasonings. Trying to stomach bland foods is not sustainable though, and often ends in boredom and giving up on the diet. Instead of trying to acquire a taste for plain old chicken or veggies, try adding some fresh or dried herbs and spices to give your foods a pop of flavor without the added junk.



Oregano is called “the pizza spice” but it is really a wonder spice. When fresh, oregano can single-handedly pep up several pounds of veggies or add that special flavor to a vat of tomato sauce. Even when dried, oregano packs quite a punch, but may be even better when combined with a few other complimentary flavors.

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