Is Gum a Good Diet Aid? 3 Things You Should Know

For many of us, eating is not just something that we do to fuel our bodies and feel full, it’s a source of emotional comfort and something to do. When trying to lose weight, the act of eating can be just as difficult to break away from as the problem foods. Chewing gum can help to counter the urge to constantly munch something, but there are a few things that you should know … [Read more...]

Add These Spices to Your Foods for Major Flavor without the Added Junk

When trying to eat healthier, many fall into the trap of sticking to bland foods because they are avoiding butter, salt, and other fatty or unhealthy seasonings. Trying to stomach bland foods is not sustainable though, and often ends in boredom and giving up on the diet. Instead of trying to acquire a taste for plain old chicken or veggies, try adding some fresh or dried herbs … [Read more...]

3 Substitutions That Will Help You Save Calories While Increasing Your Nutrition

Sometimes small substitutions can make a whole world of difference when it comes to reducing your caloric intake and increasing your nutritional intake. Having adequate nutrition will help your body to function most efficiently, so you may burn calories faster and have more energy. The following substitutions are relatively simple and painless, you will not have to give up any … [Read more...]