Wellness Destinations to Put on Your Bucket List

Wellness retreats can help you to refresh your mind/body connection and reset your habits to align with your goals. As mammas, we don’t get to take vacations often and when we do, they are usually opportunities to bond with our little ones. While it may take a lot of planning and determination to work a wellness retreat into your life, it will be well worth it. The following … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Try Laughter Yoga with Your Kids

Laughter yoga is a hot newish trend that many are finding to be surprisingly beneficial. Going into a room with strangers and forcing yourself to laugh may sound awkward, but many are shocked to find that it turns out to be easy and fun. Taking your kids with you can help you to share the benefits with them while bonding in a unique way. The following are a few reasons that you … [Read more...]

Motivational Mantras to Power You through the First Days of a New Fitness Routine

Before you start a new fitness routine, you are motivated, dedicated, and excited about it. Then often times the day comes and you find yourself putting it off until tomorrow, ending your workout sooner, or starting right out with a “cheat meal”. Instead of throwing in the towel before it has even been used to wipe the sweat, discover these awesome mantras and start repeating … [Read more...]