Salad Meals That Your Kids Will Actually Eat

Kids take time to adjust to different tastes and are often predisposed to a hatred of anything green, so it can be tough to get your kids to love salads. If you continue to offer salads as an option and make your salads kid-friendly, you may just end up with salad lovers, however. The following are a few recipes that may get your kids to dig in –and maybe even ask for salad sometimes.

Strawberry Salad

strawberry salad

Strawberries have a mildly sweet and earthy flavor that makes them the perfect salad component. The familiarity of strawberries and the bright, fun color will attract kids to this salad. Keep the ingredient list short and steer clear of anything you know that your little ones hate. Add some slivered almonds for crunch and some cheese to make it tastier. Dress the salad with a raspberry walnut dressing or another sweet dressing.

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