Try These 3 Exotic Dishes That Take Less Than 30 Mins to Prepare

Dinner can get boring if you are doing the same couple dishes over and over again. When you try to change it up, though, dinner can take a frustratingly long time to prepare. When you’re a busy mom, that just won’t fly. The following meals are healthful, break away from the normal weeknight dinner mold, and take 30 minutes or less to prepare. Problem solved!

Mediterranean Style Grilled Cod

grileld cod

This dish gets a smoky flavor from the grill and becomes something truly delectable when you add olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and mozzarella. Season it with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and cook it on a piece of aluminum foil on the grill. Place spinach, onion, and tomato on top of the cod and top the whole thing with mozzarella, then make a packet with the foil. You’ll have pure heaven in about 10 minutes.

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